Services & Price List

Bike Lane offers a comprehensive list of services to maintain the upkeep of your passion for cycling. We offer everything from general cleaning and buffing, to replacing parts and much more! If you don't see a service on this page that fits your needs, simply contact us for more information.

  • Wash and Lube R100
  • Hub Service (front) R110
  • Hub Service (rear) R140
  • Headset Service R140
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed R100

  • Wheel Build Excl. parts R350
  • Bike Build (assemble from box) R420
  • Bike Rebuild (strip and rebuild) R650
  • BB Service R140 (excluding replacement of bearings
  • True Wheel R140

  • Bleed Brakes R160 / side
  • Box a Bike incl. box R350
  • Set Gears R140
  • Pivot Service R350
  • Fit Tubby and Glue R250 / wheel

Full Service

(MTB R750 / Road R650)

True wheels
Set brakes
Set gears
Wash & lube
Check tyres
BB service
Headset service
Hub Service

Minor Service

(MTB - R550 / Road - R495)

True wheels
Set brakes
Set gears
Wash & lube
Labour (Part replacement)
Check tyres